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certificate of volunteer membership

A long-standing history of volunteerism helped transition what the fire service is today. One of the earliest volunteer organization in the Tillamook area dates to the late 1800’s. Historical records document the “Wide Awake Hook & Ladder Company” as the first formalized Volunteer Association operating in the City of Tillamook.

Fire departments in the early years were operated by Volunteer Associations. There were no formal agreements, city governments, organized districts, no tax revenue, and limited equipment. Women were non-existent in the service and a strong competitive force of men from the local community provided the fire suppression force with immense courage. Early association’s not only provided the much-needed fire suppression labor force, but also provided a social point of contact.


​Dedicated men and women of our community proudly provide the bulk of the fire suppression labor force for Tillamook Fire District. The social aspect has somewhat change, and the name has transitioned over the years to what is now officially called the Tillamook Volunteer Firefighter’s Association. All members of the Fire District are members of the Association.


Volunteer Application
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For more information, visit the Tillamook Volunteer Firefighter's Association